Managing a Gift Exchange Event

As a registered member of Elfster, all of your gift exchange events are listed in your Gift Exchanges page, which is accessible by clicking on the Gift Exchanges tab on the top of your homepage. Gift Exchange Event management can only be done by the gift exchange Organizer (the person who created the gift exchange) or any of their assigned Assistants.

When you log into your account, you will automatically be brought to your homepage. The Gift Exchanges page will include all of the following information:

  • User profile information – all of your registration information, which can be edited by clicking on the Update My Profile button.
  • Current gift exchange event information – listing all of your gift exchange events for the current year (whether you are an administrator or participant).
  • Previous gift exchange event information – listing all of your gift exchange events for previous years (whether you were an administrator or a participant).

To manage or view any one of the current gift exchange events, click on the Gift Exchange name in the Current Gift Exchanges section. This will take you to the Gift Exchange Event page.

Managing A Yankee Swap Gift Exchange Event:

As the organizer of your exchange, only you or any assistants you have assigned will see options to help you manage your exchange. To pick an assistant to help you manage your exchange, from your exchange page, click on the word Assistants where you see your own name listed as Organizer. You will select another participant in the exchange from a drop down menu.

These options are shown to Organizers and Assistants as tabs at the top of your gift exchange page as follows:

Activity — view activity related to the exchange, including messages to the group, wishing activity, etc.

Edit — change gift exchange title, description, dates, and gift exchange details.

Invite — add more participants to your gift exchange by email, or post a sign up link to social media pages. If you’d like to add more participants, you may do so up until the date of the exchange.

Participants — view list of participants and their status in the exchange, with option to Accept for those people who have not done that, as well as the option to set Draw Restrictions in exchanges when names will be drawn. Organizer will also see the option to expand the user information box for any participant to Send Message, Decline, Remove, Send Gift Exchange Link and Assign.

Privacy + Options — set options to protect the privacy of participants by limiting messaging, contact information, birthday alerts to the members of the group, as well as email notifications for exchange related information.

Since names will not be drawn to assign specific matches, please visit the Privacy & Options tab to check the option: Do not draw names automatically after the sign up date. This will allow the organizer to control the gift assignment numbers.

Draw Restrictions — set Draw Restrictions to prevent participants from drawing certain others (i.e., spouses, siblings, etc.) This option is mostly used for a Secret Santa style gift exchange in which names will be drawn.

Have Some Secret Santa Fun:

There are lots of awesome features right on your exchange page to encourage your group to get into the gifting spirit!

Post anything you’d like to say when you click to Share Something With The Group. Your message will be shown on the Activity Feed for the gift exchange, and participants can reply and add to the conversation. Participants will be notified by email to make sure everyone gets the news!

Organizers also have the option to Post A Poll to allow the group to vote on options related to the exchange (like should we serve cake or cookies for dessert at the party?)

Make sure your participants make some wishes for their wish list as they Discover Great Gifts to share ideas for their perfect gift!

Happy Elfing!