How do I correct an invitee email address in a gift exchange?

An organizer may make some changes to email addresses on the Participants page in the gift exchange. If you invited a participant that does not have a current Elfster account, you can select the “Change User Info” button to update their email address. If the participant you invited already has an Elfster Account, you will instead select “Send Gift Exchange Link” and enter the correct email address.

You may see a yellow banner on the Participants page indicating that you have participants with invalid email addresses. You’ll want to check those flagged emails for any typos and correct those using the “Change User Info” button. If you are certain the email address is correct, you can use the “Change User Info” button to retype or copy and paste the email address and then click Save to remove the error message.

Please note, only the account owner can update or change the email address associated with their account.